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What is a 4 point inspection?

A four-point inspection is specifically for homeowners insurance, and shouldn’t be confused with a new home inspection (also called a buyers inspection, real estate inspection, home inspection or full inspection depending where you live). This distinction is important because the new home inspection is required to close on a home and meet eligibility criteria for your mortgage. It also takes two to three hours to complete. A four-point inspection takes about 30 minutes and is only visual. However, if you buy an older home you might be required to have both inspections.

Four-point inspections tend to be more prevalent in coastal states, specifically in Florida and Texas. Coastal areas, like Tampa, Miami, or Jacksonville, experience more inclement weather that leads to catastrophic devastation (loss of life; destruction of entire towns; demolished power grids, roads, airports; etc.). This prompts lawmakers to frequently update building codes. Homes built 40 or more years ago were made in accordance to different standards than those built today, which is why they may not be considered as safe as more modern homes.

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