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Mobile home inspections

Manufactured homes of today look quite similar to their traditional counterparts, but they’re very different - and the mobile home inspectionchecklist will reflect that fact. 

First, mobile homes are constructed in a factory, after which they’re transported to the location where they’re installed. They can be single-wide or sectioned. The former is transported in a single section while the latter is transported in two separate pieces which are then connected on-site. 

Naturally, mobile homes use lighter materials, and in general, everything is smaller, including the HVAC system. Furthermore, traditional homes often use 2x lumber structural boards whereas manufactured ones typically have only 1x boards. 

The biggest difference lies in the overall foundation. A regular home is permanently fixed and is built on a permanent foundation such as a concrete slab. On the other hand, a mobile one is only anchored, but not fixed, usually installed on block piers. Some may appear to have a brick or stone foundation, but it’s just decorative skirting to make the house look better.

Because of these differences, inspecting a mobile home will cover additional areas of concern, so a mobile home inspection checklist will look a bit different. 

A manufactured house is more challenging to inspect in most cases, as lighter materials used are very vulnerable and prone to wear. Some systems and features may also be inaccessible or hidden away in hard-to-reach areas, adding to the complexity of the examination. 

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